I am more than a product. I am a statement. I am a movement. I am the Mug For Life.

I am the first, the one, the only,
   the Original Mug For Life...
together we will make
                a difference
Buy me - £12.99 + p&p
Use me and reuse me
  but don’t abuse me,
fill me with your favourite drink
   together we’ll make a difference
and make people think.
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Coffee If you’re a conscientious coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover, I will be the new passion in your life. I am the vision of one, but the desire of many. I have a purpose: to change the hearts and minds of the disposable cup sinners and binners.
If you want to know more about
why I matter, go through to
my scary facts page here

I’m glad you have found me. Now
I have hope, I am happy, I know
together we will make a difference.
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