The coolest way to enjoy
   your favourite hot
 or cold drink?
More about me
Take me wherever you are
  home or work or out in the car,
when you relax, when you shop
 especially to your local coffee stop.

I’m here, there,

Dare I say it? I am simple, stylish, understated...iconic...a classic. I am a double-walled, BPA free, polypropylene cup that’s made from recycled materials. I stand true and tall, fast and easy to use. My sealing screw lid is designed to delay most spills from accidental tipping, but not intended to be spill or leak proof.

Trust me, I will safely keep your beverage hot or cold and I’m always ready to GO whenever and wherever you are. I’m not proud nor snooty and only happy when filled with your favourite drink.
I’ll work as well at your home as I do at your office, coffee shop or anywhere in-between.

I’m great company, whether you’re with family or friends, colleagues or customers.

And together we are making a difference every time you fill me.

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