Numbers, Facts and Figures

Technical Details

Re-usable, double-walled insulated mug
Made from BPA free polypropylene
Rubber grip with Mug For Life Brand

The alternative to disposable paper cups
1 Tree planted for every 10 sold

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 6 (base) x 10 (top) x 15.5 cm
Boxed-product Weight: 215 g
Unboxed-product Weight: 155 g
Capacity: 35 cl
Sealing screw lid: Designed to delay most spills from accidental tipping, but not intended to be spill or leak proof.

Travel Mug Temperature Experiment

Our aim was to measure the thermal properties of different mugs to keep drinks hot to see if the Mug For Life were any better than regular disposable coffee shop mugs or the porcelain ones. We repeated our experiment under the same conditions for each mug and recorded our data using time-lapse photography, a digital thermometer (accuracy within 1°C) and an iPhone 4S.

We measured the temperature change of the hot water in each mug over a period of 1.5 hours. We boiled water, added straight into each mug and sealed the lids. Then using the digital thermometer and a time-lapse photo application we could monitor the reduction in degrees over the 1.5 hours.

We ensured that each mug was filled with the same volume of boiling water and that the starting temperature of each empty mug was the same (room temperature). They were kept in the same position and distance from the window in the kitchen.

Mug For Life was proven to keep your drink hotter for longer. Read about our Travel Mug Temperature Experiment against a disposable cardboard mug and a porcelain mug.