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About our mugs

100% UK manufactured.​

No large amounts of CO2 produced in shipping or transporting

BPA Free

No BPA used in any area, so no worries.


Double Walled 

Your drink will stay at drinking temperature for 25% longer than alternatives. We have the stats to prove it. 

Screw Lid

Easy to drink sealing screw lid. Designed to drink easily and comfortably from, whilst preventing spills from accidental tipping, but not intended to be spill or leak proof. 

100% Recycled Cardboard

Our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.




12oz / 355ml /35cl capacity

height - 15.5cm 

base - 6cm diameter 

lid - 10cm diameter

weight - 140g

double walled plastic
BPA free polypropylene.



box height - 16cm wide 

box width -  10cm high.

total weight - 200g 
made from recycled cardboard materials

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